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Empowering the autonomous flight Revolution

We Are Simplifying Drone Operations for Everyone, Everywhere.

Our vision is to make drone and robot interactions effortless and accessible to all. By leveraging intent-based operations and advanced AI, we transform complex tasks into simple, intuitive actions, enabling safe and scalable solutions across various industries and applications globally.

Working With the Best

Our Valued Customers

FlightOps serves high-end customers, including system integrators, drone deliveries, emergency response teams, public safety organizations. This partial list showcases some select customers who rely on our drone flight automation solutions.

Breaking down barriers for scalable drone operations.

We're replacing human drone pilots with cutting-edge, on-board AI-powered flight automation software, unlocking fresh commercial opportunities while ensuring safer and scalable operations.

Operational flight missions, 2023* 

Autonomous flight hours / month*

* Rounded down, Flown with our customers, Worldwide

Introducing JEEVES

Get a Sneak-Peek at JEEVES, Your AI Co-Pilot!

JEEVES allows you to operate fleets of drones with nothing more than natural speech.

Imagine a world where controlling a fleet of drones is as simple as having a conversation. Jeeves makes this possible. As your personal AI co-pilot, Jeeves seamlessly integrates advanced natural language processing to transform your spoken commands into precise drone operations. Whether you need to deploy, navigate, or monitor multiple drones simultaneously, Jeeves ensures that your voice is all you need to command an entire fleet with ease and efficiency.

Industries we serve



We specialize in automating the flight of drones for middle and last mile delivery all around the globe, enabling hundreds of airborne shipments daily.


Public Safety

We enhance public, city, and business security by offering fully automated drone response solutions, which reduce reaction time and elevate personal safety.

Army Soldiers


Shaping the future of defense operations, offering automated, low-cognitive-load support for ground missions with real-time intelligence and logistics.



FlightOps transforms mundane and hazardous tasks into seamless operations through drone-in-a-box, automated flights, and 4/5G connectivity.

Our value proposition


For Operators

Enhance safety, unify operations, reduce training costs, centralize operations, scale effectively, boost profitability, and simplify regulatory compliance


For Manufacturers

Reduce time to market, enhance safety, expand your product offerings, and unlock new use cases to empower your customers in meeting growing demand

Work Desk

For Developers

Supercharge the development of top-tier drone control applications and solutions with FlightOps' flight automation stack, UI elements, APIs, and SDKs

EIT Urban Mobility is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union
FlightOps is supported by EIT Urban Mobility as selected participants of the Scale-up program of 2024

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