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Drone Talks interview with FlightOps CEO, Shay levy.

1,000 drone flight hours logged monthly? has it, and according to their CEO, Shay Levy, it is only the beginning of an automated world with safety in mind.

"The first thing a company should do is find use cases and business cases that generate revenues as fast as they can. Revenues is the ultimate indicator for customer satisfaction... If you can generate revenues, then it means that you're providing value and somebody's paying for that value." - Shay Levy

Shay shares his personal philosophy on what truly drives success in the drone industry. It's all about creating value that customers are willing to pay for, with automation in mind!

🎥 Want to dive deeper into Shay's valuable insights and learn more about how FlightOps is revolutionizing the drone industry with their software, enabling automated drone operations?

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