About Flightops

FlightOps drone operation system is implemented and integrated across the globe in a variety of sectors such as delivery, agriculture, security and others.

Our revolutionary system enables coordinated Swarms of drones to share the skies, safely, simply and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) directly from the cloud.

FlightOps provides drone agnostic solutions that automate processes and allow the drone industry to scale.

Our system is certified to fly BVLOS urban flights by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel


FlightOps in action

Main system capabilities


Truly autonomous using our FlightOps Onboard Mission Computer:

The FlightOps Onboard Mission Computer (FOMC) easily converts most commercial, humanly piloted drones into smart flying robots, aware of their mission, they can operate in shared airspace even with unstable communication or in complete communication loss.

FlightOps onboard mission computer

Break the range limits using LTE and cloud technology:

FlightOps overcomes the traditionally range limits by using LTE 4G / 5G and SATCOM communication to connect them to the network and allow you to operate your fleet for long distances from anywhere in the world

Long Distance, Cloud operated


Share the sky using our unmanned traffic management technology:

The FlightOps OpenUTM technology allows for hundreds of drones share the sky by providing a real-time airspace deconfliction service that helps you fly safely avoiding ground and air restrictions.

FlightOps OpenUTM technology