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Fully Integrated, Ready-to-Launch Solutions

Leverage our "Ready to Fly" plug-and-play solutions across multiple industries. Take advantage of FlightOps' robust capabilities combined with specialized drones and payload hardware for swift field deployment.

Skyhawk Duo

Harnessing dual drone and hot-swap capabilities to deliver hours of persistent surveillance.

FlightOps introduces a game-changing dual 5G drone solution, seamlessly integrated with weather-resistant Pixhawk-based drones equipped with day/night cameras, elevating security for both commercial sites and communities.

Our turnkey bundle empowers security operations to conduct either two separate drone missions serving two points of interest within shared airspace or persistent surveillance of a single point of interest using two drones with hot-swapping capability. Additionally, our system facilitates cloud-based remote operation and video distribution to mobile devices, ensuring comprehensive and efficient security management

DJI Matrice 5G bolt-on kits

Transform any DJI Matrice drone into a 5G-enabled swarm flyer for shared airspace operations, BVLOS-ready with our ready-to-fly kits

Unlock new possibilities with our ready-to-fly kits, engineered to convert DJI Matrice drones (M300, M350, and M30) into 5G-enabled aircraft, providing unlimited range, centralized swarm operation, automated flight, robust communication handling, and video distribution. Enhancing safety and efficiency, our kits enable seamless integration of DJI drones alongside other types, facilitating shared airspace swarming and BVLOS operations.

FlightOps apps

FlightOps offers a suite of advanced applications for drone operations, providing robust capabilities for automated flight planning, authorization, emergency handling, and simultaneous mission management across various mission types, ensuring efficiency and precision in unmanned aerial operations

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