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FlightOps Technology

FlightOps is a BVLOS Certifiable, Muti-Drone, Drone Agnostic, Drone operating System (OS)

FlightOps Drone OS is the “Android” of the air mobility market, allowing massive scalability for any drone operations by using high levels of autonomy coupled with the power of cloud connectivity.

Drone service providers can now scale-up their operations, flying multiple drones of multiple types in shared airspace from anywhere on the globe.



Onboard decision making, Increase safety, reduces dependency on a human pilot



From single drone to hundreds – centrally operated



Build and integrate your own apps or get one ready for you



Seamlessly integrates to your business process through our APIs

The FlightOps software platform is built to reduce the load and dependency on human decisions by providing a "click and fly" automated flight planning and management operating system dependency on an experienced pilot to zero.

Smart, Safe, Onboard decision making

Our onboard software provides the drones with an ability to make smart, mission aware decisions such as calculate its own flight routes even when communications or GPS fails resulting in significantly improved safety

Dynamic, Real-Time, Autonomous Flight planning

The capability of our platform to generate deconflicted, synchronized and optimal flight plans in real-time allows for scalable operation that can safely fly hundreds of missions a day in shared airspace

Cloud - connected scalable software solution

Control from anywhere, Customers operate multiple sites and drones remotely using the FlightOps flexible, software as a service (SAAS) cloud solution while paying by actual usage

Integrated business process

The FlightOps platform is built to be seamlessly integrated into complex business processes providing an easy and fast way to add flight capability to any operation.

This way businesses can connect FlightOps to their existing operations and even add customer-specific applications to the process

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Main features


Onboard Decision Making

The FlightOps drone OS is installed onboard almost any commercial drone allowing it to make autonomous decisions and by that minimizes the dependency on communications and human operators


Smart Energy Management

The FlightOps platform constantly calculates energy consumption and the return home route and by that allows an accurate and fail safe flight with no risk of running out of energy


Strategic Airspace deconfliction

Our software platform deconflicts multiple flight missions operated in shared airspace, planning in Realtime flight plans that avoid no-fly-zones, ground obstacles and other air-vehicles


Communication loss

Our onboard solution reduces the risk of communication loss allowing the UAS to continue the mission or return back home planning its routes independently taking into consideration the airspace and ground restrictions


Automated takeoff & landing management

In order to allow this massive scalability the FlightOps platform manages a synchronized takeoff and landing process allowing multiple air vehicle to land and takeoff freely from the same CTR 


4G LTE / 5G connectivity

The use of 4G and 5G networks allows FlightOps to break the range barriers an enable a truly unlimited BVLOS range


Dynamic Routing

The FlightOps platform uses smart algorithms to generate optimal flight plans on the fly avoiding air and ground obstacles, no fly zones and other flight restrictions even in no-comm situations


Multiple UAS operation

The FlightOps platform allows an automated operation of dozens of air vehicles performing multiple tasks all in shared airspace allocating air vehicles to tasks based on capability and availability


UAS Agnostic

The FlightOps platform allows the operation of multiple types of platforms with different types of auto-pilots including Pixhawk, DJI, UAV Navigation and more 


GPS loss

As an option, The FlightOps onboard software allows handling flight even in extreme situations  such as simultaneous GPS and communication loss situations


Secondary SATCOM

Although FlightOps uses robust 4G/5G communication it provides an option of low-bandwidth secondary satellite communication that allows continuous control in cases the main comm channel is lost


Accurate landing

FlightOps allows for accurate landing based on AI enabled optical positioning, this capability allows the UAS to automatically drop cargo or land on small surfaces

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