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Empowering the autonomous flight Revolution

We are empowering the autonomous flight Revolution

FlightOps is a drone-agnostic flight automation software for simultaneous BVLOS multi-drone operations, minimizing human intervention. Revolutionizing UAV operations.

Our Mission


We Automate Flight

Our Software Fully Automates unmanned Flight operations to Cut Costs and Human Error by 90%, Boost Response Times, Streamline Flight Planning, and Ensure Consistent, Scalable Operations



State your operational intent, and the system will generate the entire flight plan with optimal safety and efficiency.

In Flight

The airspace is ever-changing; FlightOps detects shifts and dynamically adjusts the plan accordingly.


Automated collection and analysis of mission data is essential for continuously improving safety procedures.

Our "Ready to fly" Solutions

At Flightops, we offer comprehensive turnkey solutions that are meticulously designed for immediate deployment. Our suite includes not just our proprietary high-end flight automation and management software but also a selection of the industry's leading drone platforms, payloads, and communication systems. Each component is pre-integrated to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness right from the start. Our solutions streamline the operational workflow, enabling a swift and seamless adoption of advanced drone technology for any organization looking to enhance their capabilities with minimal setup time.

Industries we serve



We specialize in automating the flight of drones for middle and last mile delivery all around the globe, enabling hundreds of airborne shipments daily.


Public Safety

We enhance public, city, and business security by offering fully automated drone response solutions, which reduce reaction time and elevate personal safety.


Air Mobility

We are shaping the future of transportation, promoting advanced air mobility. By eliminating the need for a human pilot, we make flight safer and more accessible.



FlightOps transforms mundane and hazardous tasks into seamless operations through drone-in-a-box, automated flights, and 4/5G connectivity.

Our Value proposition


For Operators

Enhance safety, simplify regulatory and compliance processes, scale up operations, and increase profitability


For Manufacturers

Reduce time to market, increase safety, and enhance product offerings, help your customers to scale demanda

For Developers

Accelerate the development of premium drone control software solutions with FlightOps flight stack, APIs and SDKs.

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