What do we do

We made drones smarter

The FlightOps onboard software – converts any commercial drone into a smart, mission aware robot



Mission and airspace aware robot - no human pilot is required

Long range

BVLOS with no communication range limitations


Hundreds of drones, operated in shared airspace

Truly autonomous using our FlightOps Onboard Mission Computer:

The FlightOps Onboard Mission Computer (FOMC) easily converts most commercial, humanly piloted drones into smart flying robots aware of their mission that can operate in shared airspace even with unstable communication or in complete communication loss.

We integrated them  to the cloud

The FlightOps cloud drone operating system as an integral part of a larger business process



Automated flight planning and airspace coordination

Making sure flight tasks are completed with safety



Connected to external systems as part of larger business process

Get connected to become a part of a real-world business process:

Because the focus of any drone service is the business process it serves

FlightOps allows connecting the autonomous and automated flight capabilities to become an integral part of a comprehensive business process

We certified it

FlightOps technology foundations are built to answer all regulation requirement and certified (CAAI) :




Multiple drones

Urban flights