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The vision of autonomous air mobility is inevitable.


Society just cannot scale ground mobility anymore; ground resources are scares while the technology to make use of the sky above our heads is already here.

The key to making use of the airspace is autonomy and scalability 

Our mission is to transform the commercial drone industry by offering Flight Automation as Infrastructure to help drone operating companies from all market segments dramatically scale operations and simplify compliance.


As long as skilled human operators are required, current technologies are not scalable enough

Through the integration of Artificial Flight Intelligence software into drones, we are transforming the commercial drone industry. With FlightOps technology, we enable high levels of flight automation, reducing the need for trained remote pilots, which helps our customers scale up operations dramatically.

Flight Automation as Infrastructure

With FlightOps, drone manufacturers, solutions providers, and drone operating companies can integrate high levels of flight automation into their operations. Using a variety of software APIs and middleware, they can integrate industry-specific applications into our feature-rich flight infrastructure and connect to a fast-growing ecosystem of drone platforms, payloads and data services.


The Essence


Ten times or more the number of mission using the same workforce and for longer distances (BVLOS)



Nearly zero chance of pilot error, accurate and consistent operation with higher safety levels



All types of drones, from 4 to 400kg, quadcopters, helicopters, fixed wing, EVTOL



Infinite number of applications that can be developed and integrated to the system with low effort

FlightOps Value Proposition

For Organizations

Delivery Service

We provide fast and safe way to incorporate autonomous flight capability to any business operation such as supply chain, security, survey and inspection, safety, agriculture and many more

For Drone Operators


Our cloud-based software allows drone and air mobility service providers to scale up their operations both in range and number of missions with increased safety and reduced operation costs 

For Drone manufacturers


Our technology allows drone, hardware manufacturers and software developers to widen their product offering enhancing their product capabilities while reducing development and integration Efforts


Shay Levy.png

Shay Levy CEO

UX Expert, Startup Founder & Veteran

16 years of experience in Managing Technology Businesses

16 years’ experience as Executive Management in Hi-Tech companies

Motorbike Racer

  • LinkedIn

Ofer Porat CTO

Technology Evangelist, Former IAF Pilot (Major)- OFEK Unit

20 years’ experience in UAS Systems Development

Mountain Climber

  • LinkedIn

Ofer Haruvi COO

UAV Visioner, Former IAF Pilot (Colonel) & Head of IAF UAV Division

IAI CTO (UAV Division) in Malat

Kite Surfer

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Customers and partnerships

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